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CRBio, Hyderabad, is an India- based world class regulatory CRO that has its uniqueness in the fact that it is a part of value chain pharmaceutical service provider RA Chem Pharma group.

It has the edge over the other CROs in that it is part of a sound CRAMS format and hence offers integrated solutions to the sponsor requirements right from POC upto BA/BE stage.

In a short span of time, 5 independent clinics 114 beds (2X20; 1X24; 1X28; 1X22, 5 LC-MS/MS, over 80 methods, about 5000 volunteer data base both healthy as well as patient populations, with project submissions to major pharmaceutical regulatory market segments such as US, EU, Canada, Turkey, Malaysia, Venezuela, India, CRBio is poised to grow towards preclinical as well as late stage trials.

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