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CRBio currently has a 114 bed clinical facility (5 independent clinics) and equipped to take up various clinical trial services.

"Bio safety programme in compliance with applicable regulatory guidelines"

Healthy population

  • Bioavailability & Bioequivalence studies
  • Drug/Drug interactions
  • Steady state
  • Dose response
  • Food effect
  • The facility has dedicated areas of volunteer screening & recruitment, subject housing, sample collection & processing, dining &recreation and well equipped ICU's.
  • A team of experienced and qualified investigators supported by trained paramedical and clinical staff. Ensure that the studies are conducted ensuring safety and well being of subjects in a scientific and complained manner

Patient population
  • It has the ability to recruit patient population in key therapeutic areas such as oncology, Antipsychotic, Cardiovascular CNS etc.in association with clinical sites, protocols, GCP, and ethical requirements.

Submissions have been made to world reputed regulatory market segments such as USFDA, UK MHRA, Health Canada, EMEA, MoH Turkey, BPFK Malaysia, PAHO, CDSCO-India(DCGI).

  • 114 bed clinical units comprising 5 independent clinics of 2X20, 1X24, 1X28, and 1X22 respectively
  • Large database of eligible volunteers including male &female healthy population.
  • Oncology patient population.
  • Psychiatric patient population.
  • Monitoring by CCTV in all clinical areas.
  • Dedicated sample collection /processing /storage areas with -30 degrees conditions.
  • Well equipped ICU and contact with nearby Super specialty hospitals.
  • In-house dietician to provide standardized study specific meals.
  • Comprehensive Biosafety programme to ensure the safety of all the personnel including study participants, employees, and visitors.