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CRBIO - Bioanalytical Services

CRBio offers well equipped Bioanalytical facility providing comprehensive services across the drug development spectrum in the biological matrix. Analytical teams compliance to regulatory requirements and commitment to deliver quality, accurate and timely results are the testimonials for its reliable and responsive support to the pharmaceutical fraternity.

"Bio safety programme in compliance with applicable regulatory guidelines".

CRBio offers an array of services
  • Method development and Method validation.
  • Analysis of parent compounds and metabolites in biological matrix custom assay development bio analysis for pre clinical


  • Well equipped lab offering multiple Thermo discovery max and Thermo ultra LC-MS/MS with front end Shimadzu HPLC.
  • Access controlled – 30°  and – 86°  deep freezers for bio sample storage.
  • Dedicated sample processing area with all accessories including positive pressure manifolds; extraction methods viz. solid phase, liquid liquid and protein precipitation.
  • Two level power back up with UPS systems and DG sets to ensure un-interrupted power.